Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Post 8545, Smithfield VA

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Post 8545, Smithfield VA


  -- updated: 9 OCTOBER 2017

I want to thank the following individuals for taking time out from their schedules to help at the BBB Fest and make the usual great impression on patrons regards the caliber of our members.

Jimmy Carter, Howard Hinnant, Tim Schumaker, Mike Ross (visiting from Maine) Tony Jackson, Carter Williams, Chris Torre, then the relief shift of Chris Garrett, Daryl Fann, Bob Dolensky, James Hartman, Jim Keck, Herb DeGroft, Ben Wocken. Unless you participate in such an undertaking it is hard to appreciate what these members accomplished. We had fun doing it, but it was tasking. If I omitted anyone, I do apologize and oh yes, Marsha (our QM) took part as a patron of the event with her buds and did say Hi ?? It was great seeing Mike Ross and look forward to seeing him at our General MTG on Wednesday. Again, thank you. I urge each of you to join us in these chances to engage with the public while being a part of what we represent as a Post of Smithfield.

Also, I would like to applaud the following for working so hard for the prep-bacon cooking on Wednesday the 4th of of Oct and those that worked in other capacities on the 5th and 6th of Oct. Tom Harper, Jim Keck, Bob Dolensky, James Hartman, Jeff Horne, Howard Hinnant, Arnie Ferguson, Matt Adams, Lynn Moran, Marsha Oliver, Herb DeGroft and probably more that I may have missed due to the busy day of a lot of pounds of bacon, over 1500 lbs. Thank you all for giving of your time and energy. If I omitted anyone please let me know as sometimes I can't keep up with everything we are doing in our community.

Photos from our September 2017 Post Meeting

  -- posted: 18 SEPTEMBER 2017

Bruce Fischer
Post 8545